Your Die Cutting Machine with John Lockwood

7 Episodes

Join John Lockwood to learn how to get the most from your die cutting machine. This course is comprised of 6 lessons where John will teach you from the basics to advanced techniques.

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7 Catchup

1. Introduction

Catchup 2m

Join John Lockwood for an overview of the course.

2. Lesson 1 - Setting up your machine

Catchup 8m

This lesson shows you how to unbox and set up your die cutting machine.

3. Lesson 2 - Cutting and Embossing with Metal Dies

Catchup 15m

This lesson explains how to use plates, including sandwiching them together to get the most out of your dies and how to cut and emboss them.

4. Lesson 3 - Using Embossing Folders

Catchup 8m

This lesson shows you how to use both 2D and 3D Embossing folders.

5. Lesson 4 - Using different types and styles of dies

Catchup 11m

This lesson shows how to use different types of dies including standard, mixed media and dies.

6. Lesson 5 - Cutting specialised materials

Catchup 9m

This lesson shows you how to cut different materials including Acetate, Material, hessian and many more.

7. Lesson 6 - Making a frame

Catchup 6m

This lesson shows you how to make die cut frame using nesting dies.