How to Paint a Watercolour Landscape

6 Episodes

This course is the perfect introduction to watercolour painting where Matthew Palmer will teach you all you need to know.

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6 Catchup

1. Introduction

Catchup 1m

Join Matthew Palmer for a introduction for this watercolour painting course.

2. Lesson 1 - Getting ready and adding the background layer

Catchup 12m

Join Matthew Palmer to learn a different way of getting ready and how to add a background layer with a sky.

3. Lesson 2 - How to paint the hills

Catchup 7m

Join Matthew Palmer to be shown how to paint hills.

4. Lesson 3 - How to paint the landscape, fields and trees

Catchup 9m

Join Matthew Palmer as he shows you how to paint a landscape with fields and trees.

5. Lesson 4 - How to add a boat

Catchup 10m

Join Matthew Palmer as he shows you how to add a boat to your watercolour painting.

6. Lesson 5 - How to add ripples, reflections and finishing touches

Catchup 5m

Join Matthew Palmer to learn how to add the finishing touches to your piece of art.