Discover Painting Perfection

11 Episodes

Steph provides easy step by steps on how to create painting compositions using the one-brush-stroke paint technique.

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11 Catchup

1. Equipment & Materials

Catchup 3m

Steph takes you through the essential tools and equipment that are required to embark on your Painting Perfection journey.

2. Loading the Brush

Catchup 3m

Learn how to load the brush with paint to enable you to create the desired effect.

3. Creating Flat Leaves

Catchup 6m

Discover the technique on how to create flat leaves with easy to follow instructions and learn valuable tips along the way.

4. Painting Rose Buds

Catchup 8m

Learn the brush strokes that build up to create different rose buds and how to assemble a leafed stem.

5. Painting Cabbage Roses

Catchup 9m

Learn the brush strokes that build up to quickly create a beautiful Cabbage Rose. Steph gives tips on pressure, direction & composition whether you are right or left handed.

6. Using Scruffy Brushes

Catchup 2m

Steph talks you through on how to make a scruffy brush and the endless effects that it creates which can been used in landscapes, foliage on trees, centres of flowers, grass & animals - the possibilities are endless.

7. Painting Gypsophila (Babies Breath)

Catchup 4m

Learn how to paint Gypsophila (Babies Breath) which is a quick flower to paint and acts as a great filler when painting bouquets & scenes.

8. Painting Individual Leaves

Catchup 6m

Discover the painting technique on how to paint individual leaves which are perfect to add into multiple compositions.

9. Bouquet of Roses

Catchup 6m

Steph shows you how to paint a Bouquet of Roses by combining the techniques previously demonstrated in detailed & easy to follow stages.

10. Mini Floral Composition

Catchup 4m

Combining the techniques of painting flowers & leaves into a mini compositions with useful tips on layout & placement.

11. Building Compositions

Catchup 8m

Building more complex compositions using all the techniques of painting flowers & leaves with additional guidance on layout & placement.